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About this website

This website "Our Technology World" serves 2 purposes.

1. Provide an effective platform for dissemination of information on smartphones, tablets and PCs through "KK Answers", which is a record of previous questions and answers from people who registered. Everything through this link is organised under 8 categories, namely Computer Hardware, PC and Microsoft Windows, Application Software, Networking, Internet, Smartphones and Tablets, Malware and Miscellaneous. If you want to post a question please click Ask a technical question. To ask a question for the first time, you need to register to become a free member. This allows better control and reduces possible abusive use in future. Members who do not behave themselves will have their membership cancelled.

2. Provide a central point to easily access all podcast on a SBS Radio Cantonese program "Technology World" in Australia, hosted by Jennifer Mok and KK Fung.

The program “Technology World 科技世界” first started in August 2012 on SBS Radio Cantonese, with simultaneously broadcast in all major cities in Australia. This program was initially broadcast once a fortnight at 8 pm on alternate Saturdays. Each segment lasted 10 minutes. Subsequently some changes were made. The program became weekly, broadcast was moved to 10:15 am on Tuesdays. Duration remains at 10 to 12 minutes.

For people who know Cantonese, SBS Radio Cantonese is broadcast in Sydney on 1107am, and in Melbourne on 1224am. Besides listening realtime on radio, you can also download and use a SBS Radio App to listen to the live broadcast on any mobile devices. It is worth your while to visit SBS Radio Cantonese website. There is a wealth of Cantonese programs covering different areas you will be interested in.

For the information of overseas visitors,  Special Broadcasting Services (SBS) is an Australian public organisation setup to cater for the needs and interests of our many multicultural ethnic communities in Australia.

Please provide us your feedback that this website can be improved. Thank you.
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